Caveman WOD

Workout WOD ‘Deadgemite’

This awesome workout targets the whole body, is performed with an Olympic Barbell and two Kettlebells. The exercises hit your upper back, trapezius, rhomboids and deltoids, lets not forget the biceps, the core, erector spinae and then also just about everything in the lower-body, the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, as if that’s not enough, it …

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Workout ‘Clean-up’

Not only do you need to clean your Kettlebells, but you’ll be cleaning yourself up after this short but intense workout. Check my time and load for this workout in the comments. Buy your kettlebell shirts here.   Workout ‘Clean-up’ 25 x Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press (R) 25 x Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press …

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Perform each exercise for the number of minutes indicated, then rest, and move on to the next exercise, all up this kettlebell workout takes 38 minutes.   Skill Level Intermediate 10 minutes of Clean and Jerk Double Kettlebell 2 minutes rest 8 minutes of Front Squat Double Kettlebell 2 minutes rest 6 minutes of Chest …

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Push ‘n Pull’ workout

Unlike many of our kettlebell workouts, this is a bodyweight workout that hits the full body. Everything to be performed strict, no kipping pull-ups or half push-ups. No need for the chest to hit the ground either, just make sure you get at least a 90-degree angle of the elbow.

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