Business Opportunity

Cavemantraining has several business opportunities available:

Years of blood and sweat has been invested in the content that is created for Cavemantraining, ten thousands of dollars have been invested into research by RKC instructors, Exercise Scientists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches plus more.

As Cavemantraining is run by an entrepreneurial team, we’re open to co-operation to further the growth of the fitness community. Make contact today to have an informal chat.

Do you sell fitness products? Make contact to discuss your products being included in our free giveaways, educational material, website, social campaigns, mail-outs, youtube videos and more.

Our resources are:

  • Audience of
  • Audience of youtube Cavemantraining
  • Mailing list
  • Other fitness related websites
  • Fitness related social media groups/pages/challenges
  • Online kettlebell training courses
  • Amazon listed ebooks
  • Educational video content
  • Youtube channel with a large following
  • Plus more, and growing everyday

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