Glenn Shelford

After working for 3 of the biggest gyms in the UK, including Head Offices for David Lloyd & Virgin Active...over the last 8 years... i've trained a lot of different people! My technical knowledge of exercises, nutrition & getting the FASTEST results available and KEEPING these results is what's helped me grow this business from: Training my mum and her best friend for the first 12 weeks .... to.... NOW having over 80+ members, 5 locations, classes 6 bdays per week and an ARMY of Tuff Mummers, a few dads and gents who want to lose their moobs and feel fitter, and a few other every day people just like you, who want to look and feel confident and vibrant.

Measure your success

Measuring Your Success

Author: Glenn Shelford Measuring is something we do reactively in everyday life, whether it’s your friend who’s got the new promotion at work, or the person who you secretly check what they’re lifting, so you lift just a little bit more.   Even when we’re kids, it’s about who’s got the newest trainers or phone. …

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The Importance of Execution

Hi, I’m Glenn Shelford and this is going to be the first post on executing on the stuff you know, and how to get into doing things and not MORE research. I work as a personal trainer, and own a bootcamp business which exposes me to a lot of different people & approaches to exercise. …

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