Training For The Shoulders, Thoracic, And Hips

If you’ve been following Cavemantraining for a while, you know by now that there is a difference between working out and training. It’s time for a training session.

“Know why you train, train what you know. Train hard, train smart!”
—Taco Fleur

In this session the focus is on:

  • Shoulders
  • Thoracic
  • Hips

The exercises in this session are:

  • Rotational clean AKA Thoracic rotational cleans
  • Single arm swings
  • Overhead reverse lunge
Just three exercises performed 5 times on each side and for a total of ten rounds. It takes about 1:20 per round so in total a 12 to 15 minutes kettlebell workout.

It might be the first time you see the thoracic rotational clean performed, that is because I’ve just named it. I was looking for another exercise to work thoracic rotation and found this. It’s performed with a swing clean in which you rotate the spine into the non-working arm on the backswing and vice versa on the upswing into racking. I’m still working to improve this movement, as I want to see it where on the upswing the thoracic rotates earlier, rather after hitting the racking position—progression.

Thoracic Rotation

Rotation in the spine is not something that’s worked a lot, hence the reason I like to focus on it in my training. Having good thoracic mobility helps with overhead work, but also helps prevent injury.


Lunges For The Hips

Most of us sit in chairs all day long, do something for those hips. The lunge is great to work on hip extension and giving those hip flexors a good stretch. You do this by keeping the pelvis nice and upright while sliding the leg back. Focus on getting that knee far behind you. Try it, you’ll feel an awesome stretch.


15-minute kettlebell workout one kb

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