Kettlebells For Fighters And CrossFitters

Let’s face it, kettlebells are great for everyone! This particular exercise is especially great for fighters and crossfitters to improve explosive power in the legs.

You’re working only one leg at a time, great to train inconsistencies. The reverse lunge on its own is already a super exercise, add the kettlebell dead clean to it and you have a super awesome exercise.

Progression to this exercise, since it’s not an easy one!

  1. Reverse lunge bodyweight
  2. Racked reverse lunge
  3. Reverse lunge dead clean


  1. Dead clean
  2. Stability
  3. Strength


  1. 3 x reverse lunge dead clean
  2. 3 x single arm swing
  3. 3 x jerk
  4. 3 x snatch

Repeat on the other side, that’s one round. Complete 10 rounds for cardio, or complete 20 rounds EMOM, one side per minute. Work on explosiveness and do both sides, rest 30 to 45 seconds, complete 8 to 10 rounds.


  1. Explosive power
  2. Take-downs
  3. Get-ups
  4. Stability
  5. Coordination

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