Exercise For Stronger Knees BJJ MMA and Everyone Else

If you easily damage your knees I can highly recommend the Hindu squat.

No, not when you already have bad or injured knees, I’m talking about prevention. And possibly rehab after damage, but in a lighter form of the exercise with progression.

Demonstrated in the video is what I use to work on knee strength, the exercise demonstrated also works the calves. feet, shoulders, core, and thoracic.

The Hindu squat also works on stability in the legs.

The Hindu squat requires progression, in other words, you need to already have some quad strength and stability even before attempting it without weight.

Flexibility is an essential thing to have overall and also prevents a majority of muscle injuries that will happen from your body being tight.

A great progression to the Hindu squat:

  1. Squat
  2. Reverse lunge
  3. Hindu squat
  4. Loaded Hindu squat

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