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If you’re programming for an individual or a group, the programming will be different, not always because you want it to be, but sometimes because it gets too complex to make the program work in a group environment with just one timer. This limitation prevents us from executing some really awesome programs that would otherwise be well received in group format.


For example:

  • 100 calorie rows FOR TIME
  • Kettlebell combo 8 minutes AMRAP
    • Dead clean
    • Dead snatch
    • Swing snatch
    • Overhead reverse lunge
  • Calisthenics 8 minutes AMRAP
    • 4 x push-ups ‘any’
    • 2 x pull-ups
    • 4 x squats
    • 2 x chin-ups
  • 100 kettlebell swings FOR TIME


Looks great right? I designed and completed this workout several times, it’s awesome! It is, however, not common in group format to start with a FOR TIME task, 2 AMRAPs, and ending with a FOR TIME task. It’s nearly impossible programming like this unless you download our Android App from the Google Play store, install it on cheap smartphones, or on the participant’s phones itself. These days you can easily get 10 tablets for just $500 all up, this investment is nothing compared to the unique programming you’ll be able to provide your clients with.


Your sessions would run as follows. You prepare all apps by download the pre-programmed timer from www.cavemantraining.com/workout-timer/workout-timers/. Athletes are warmed up, instructed, prepared, and everyone has their tablet or phone ready.

  1. Everyone taps PLAY at the same time
  2. A countdown starts that enable the athletes to get ready for the first task
  3. The screen changes and alerts the athlete to start their FOR TIME task
  4. Each individual athlete will finish their FOR TIME task at a different time and tap next when ready
  5. The first AMRAP task starts right away (unless rest is programmed)
  6. After 8 minutes the second AMRAP task starts
  7. After 8 minutes the last FOR TIME task starts
  8. When the user completed their FOR TIME they will record their time and tap next which will finish the timer


Stay one step ahead of your competition with uniquely programmed WODs/workouts.


Download your workout timer app now (requires Android). Install the pre-programmed timer for this workout (requires phone and app).

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