My 3 Fitness Goals, 3 Months, Commitment, Persistence and Success

Welcome to My 3 Fitness Goals, this challenge starts off with my own 3 fitness goals. I chose to create this as I need a kick up my butt, I’ve had several fitness goals lingering in my mind for a while now, and I simply don’t do anything about them, I need commitment, I need you all to see what I commit to so I can look like a loser when I don’t persist or succeed. There is an online Facebook support group setup to record my journey, plus that of everyone else that decides to join.


First, allow me to list My 3 Fitness Goals:

  1. learn the bar muscle up
  2. increase bicep size, or general size in the anterior compartment of the upper arm
  3. become leaner to reveal my six pack


My 3 Fitness Goals is about picking 3 fitness goals that you’ve been thinking about for ages but haven’t acted upon, it’s about committing to them, acting upon them, being persisted and succeed. I’m starting my commitment on Thursday 4th of May 2017.


To achieve my goals I will:


GOAL ONE: Bar muscle up

  • find good tutorials on the bar muscle up
  • train the muscles that are required for the bar muscle up
  • understand the technique
  • find progressions to the bar muscle up
  • create a schedule for training


GOAL TWO: Increase upper arm size

  • measure my results
  • fully understand all muscles in the anterior compartment of the upper arm
  • be careful to prevent any tendonitis
  • create a schedule for training
  • work the muscles from all different angles
  • use the kettlebell and include these exercises into my program
  • do at least one bodyweight session a week with chin-ups
  • use the barbell for 1RM reps and grease the groove
  • look at my diet


GOAL THREE: Reveal my six pack

  • drastically reduce alcohol intake
  • reduce portion sizes
  • increase cardio
  • continue current training as it includes sufficient abdominal exercises


I know the areas in which I can potentially struggle, I will not address or list those issues until I struggle with them, for that I will use the support group especially created for My 3 Fitness Goals in which I will also record my journey and progress. First thing I will be doing is posting my current stats, measurements and photos of current state.


Weekly Pick

A weekly pick will be made out of the group starting June, that pick will get their own page created with their goals and additional support will be provided. In other words, you will be listed here with your details.

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