21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 6 Assisted kettlebell clean

The following is a summary of day 6.


  • The assisted clean is performed with a squat
  • This drill is super important and will flow through in more advanced progressions
  • A clean bring a weight from lower into racking position
  • The assisted clean is to be performed slow and controlled to learn the movement and positions
  • Eventually you will progress to an explosive movement
  • Clean are explosive apart from the assisted clean which is a drill
  • The assisted clean is to teach hand insertion and racking
  • Raise the weight with a box if you’re working on flexibility
  • Open the hand and let the bell come around the hand
  • Skip the palm to avoid friction
  • No need to look at the weight you know where it is
  • Elbow pulled int tight on the rack
  • A broken wrist grip is where the line is broken at the wrist
  • Racking and bell pressure on the forearm requires some conditioning
  • Don’t overtrain but gradually increase duration and reps
  • Don’t put the non working arm/hand on the body during a lift
  • Create good form and technique
  • Create good habits
  • Drill the insert on the ground
  • Take note of where the arm should be positioned after the insert
  • Use a weight easy enough to handle (light to medium)
  • Progress slowly step by step
  • Drill drill drill


Assisted clean:

  • Squat
  • Hook grip
  • Lift
  • Full extension
  • Slight curl
  • Assist with the other hand
  • Lift the weight up
  • Open the hand
  • Roll the kettlebell over
  • Hand insert
  • Rack
  • Reverse with assistance
  • Pull out
  • Hook grip
  • Full arm extension into squat
  • Lower the weight to dead


Double hand clean
The double hand clean is great for beginners but also used with heavy weights or in kettlebell sport where endurance and energy preservation is important.



Your sixth task is to complete several sets of the assisted clean as per below.


If in the previous chapters you were doing hang lifts then also perform hang lifts here instead of the dead lift.

Perform four slow reps on one side and repeat on the other. Each rep should take about 10 to 15 seconds. Rest if required, then repeat, work for 4 to 6 minutes. Repeat this drill for as long as you need to master and understand the movement. You can do this 3 times a day with plenty of space in between. You don’t really need a warm-up for this drill but you can. You need to use the lightest weight you have available and increase weight over time.

Remember, this exercise is designed for a specific purpose, which is, to learn the most basic and safest lift, but more importantly, to drill the movement which you’ll be doing more explosive later on and the hand insertion, feeling how the bell should travel around the hand.

You should film yourself and compare it to the demonstration in the video.


You can film your assisted clean for feedback. Submit your video in any way possible. See the bonus lecture for suggestions.



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