21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 20 Kettlebell workout

The following is a summary of day 20.


Workout 1

  • Squat dead lift
  • Hip hinge dead lift
  • Dead swing double arm clean
  • Squat
  • Press
  • Squat thruster (if you feel you’re ready)
  • Transition to upside down horn grip
  • Halo 2 x each side
  • Return dead to the ground with a reverse dead swing

Repeat 4 times
Rest 1 minute or include mobility exercises

Work for 20 to 30 minutes.



The one bell double arm press requires more flexibility than a one arm press. This version of the press is great to work on overhead mobility but you need to progress gently, remember that you can just press half way, next week a bit further, and so on. The double arm press is great to make a heavyweight light enough to press.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the transition for the halo grip then add the extra time and relax, put the weight down and pick it up as shown, don’t use another complex in the air transition.

Over time you can increase the reps and instead of 1 repetition you can do 2, for example, first 2 weeks you do 1 rep of each exercise, week 3 and 4 you do 2 reps of each exercise, week 5 and 6 you do 3 reps of each exercise and so on till about 6 to 8 reps exercise. You can also increase the duration of the workout.


Workout 2

This workout is slightly more advanced than the first one and is programmed more for cardio and endurance.

  • One arm swing
  • One arm clean
  • One arm strict press

Switch at will.

Work for 5 or 10 minutes
Rest in rack



Rest or reduce weight if you can no longer perform a strict press. Chose your weight carefully at the start.


Create your own workout

Put your own workout together with the exercises you’ve learned. Feel free to post a copy of your workout with the goals, weight, reps, rest, etc.


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