21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 16 Kettlebell American swing

The following is a summary of day 16.


  • The American swing is a swing that does involve a shoulder raise
  • This version of the swing is created by CrossFit
  • Before you do this exercise you need to check if you can safely/easily bring your arms above your head with a close grip
  • The American swing is great if you want to work your shoulders and legs at the same time
  • The swing can be performed with a squat, hip hinge, or pendulum


The American swing:

  • Perform a swing
  • Follow through with a shoulder raise
  • Lock the arms out overhead
  • Let the bell drop back with slightly bent arms to keep the drop closer
  • Guide into the backswing and repeat


You can also replace the raise with a press out and treat this as a double arm snatch.


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