21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 11 Kettlebell dead clean

The following is a summary of day 11.


  • You’ll need a heavier kettlebell for this exercise
  • The clean brings a kettlebell from a lower position into racking position
  • Perform the squat movement to perform this exercise
  • This exercise is what you’ve been drilling the assisted clean for
  • The bell comes around the hand and not over the fist
  • Make sure you’ve been drilling the assisted clean
  • If you’re struggling with the dead clean then drill the assisted clean more
  • The weight travel directly up in one straight line looking front and side on
  • The weight stays close to you
  • Brace the upper trapezius before pulling
  • An incorrect clean that’s not powered by the legs is called a muscle clean
  • Common mistake is bending the arm before coming into full extension
  • Clean with your legs and not your arms
  • Review your technique if you experience pain or tenderness around the elbow flexors
  • Always end up with a good insert and racking position
  • Never stay straight while dropping the weight and letting the weight jerk on the shoulders
  • If you’re working on your flexibility then you can do hang clean to progress to the dead clean
  • There should be no rubbing on the palm of the hand
  • The skin is bypassed during the insert


Kettlebell dead clean:

  1. Bell placed between the feet
  2. Squat
  3. Look ahead
  4. Hook grip
  5. Slight tension between you and the weight
  6. Think about pulling the weight to the ceiling
  7. Press the heels into the ground
  8. Pull the knees back
  9. Push the hips forward
  10. Keep the arm extended for as long as possible
  11. Use the power from the legs
  12. Don’t curl the weight
  13. Let the bell travel up further
  14. Open up
  15. Hand insert
  16. Let the bell come around the fist and not over
  17. Come into full racking position
  18. Loose grip
  19. Let the weight drop
  20. Pull back and out
  21. Hook grip
  22. Reduce velocity with the legs
  23. Gently place the weight dead on the ground
  24. Repeat



Your eleventh task is to complete as per below.


Train your dead clean and work your way up over time:

  1. 12kg/26.4lbs
  2. 16kg/35.2lbs
  3. 20kg/44lbs

Duration and sets:

  • 2 reps each side
    1 set and 10 seconds rest
    Repeat 4 times
  • 4 reps each side
    1 set and 15 seconds rest
    Repeat 4 times
  • 6 reps each side
    1 set and 20 seconds rest
    Repeat 4 times


Program each progression until you feel comfortable. For example, the first week you might do 3 days of 12kg and 2 reps. The next week you increase the reps to 4 and so on. At the end you move up in weight for the next 3 weeks until you’ve completed  20kgs.


You can film your dead clean for feedback. Submit your video in any way possible. See the bonus lecture for suggestions.


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