21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 1 Warming up and priming for kettlebell training

The following is a summary of day 1.


  • Warming up for kettlebell training is super important
  • Warm up to stay injury free
  • Not one warm-up works for every workout or person
  • Full-body warm-ups are best
  • Mind-muscle connection is important for an effective and safe workout
  • Muscle priming is focussing on getting the muscles ready and assists in connecting with them


The full-body warm-up:

  1. 10 x single leg hip circles one side
  2. 10 x single leg hip circles other side
  3. 10 x hip circles one way
  4. 10 x hip circles other way
  5. 10 x thoracic rotation one side
  6. 10 x thoracic rotation other side
  7. 10 x arm circled forward
  8. 10 x arm circled backward
  9. 10 to 20 x jumping jacks use high knees on the second round or complete after the jumping jacks


Thoracic rotation
Start with slow controlled movement
Pivot to protect the knees

Jumping jacks
Go easy on the overhead position and ease into it as you get warmer

Your whole warm-up should take 5 to 6 minutes but that also depends on the weather, your state, etc. Increase duration as required.



Your first task is to complete the warm-up as described above, you can do just one round or do more.


You can film your warm-up for feedback. Submit your video in any way possible. See the bonus lecture for suggestions.



Mind-muscle connection and muscle priming

MMC is all about connecting with the right muscles to perform the movement or stabilise for the movement, it is also used to relax the muscles that could be doing part of the work (isolation). Muscle priming is getting the muscles ready that will be doing the work and assists with MMC.


Muscle priming routine for the kettlebell swing:

  • Prone bent single leg raises
  • Kneeling hip extension
  • Prone back hyperextensions
  • Quarter squats
  • Calf raises
  • Lat pull down
  • Scapulae adduction


You’re working out to put your muscles under stress. The more muscles you incorporate in your exercise the bigger results you’re going to get. Recruit more muscles with MMC.



Your second task is to complete the muscle priming as per below.


  • 5 x prone bent single leg raises each side
  • 10 x kneeling hip extension
  • 5 x prone back hyperextensions
  • 10 seconds static back hyperextension
  • 10 x quarter squats
  • 10 x calf raises
  • 5 x lat pull down each side
  • 10 x scapulae adduction

Repeat twice.


You can film your priming for feedback. Submit your video in any way possible. See the bonus lecture for suggestions.


A longer and a more detailed video of the priming can be found here.


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