Kettlebell Workout "More, Not Less"

This is an advanced kettlebell workout with two kettlebells

Kettlebell workout for CrossFit, BJJ and MMA, this workout is the bomb, it ticks all the boxes: explosive, strength, cardio, tough, simple but effective, two kettlebells and working through all planes of motion.

The workout comes with a video and free PDF to download.

One Four Six WOD

One of my favourite WODs

Sometimes you got one of these amazing combinations that you just don’t care what the objective is, who cares what muscles it works! But that aside, this one works your full body and tests everything you have. Comes with video and instructions.

The Galley Slave WOD

Named by our audience for one of the new exercises

This core workout consists of several tasks FOR TIME. If you like the Russian twist you should try this new variation. Comes with video.

Cinco Tres Cinco

Five reps, three exercises, five rounds

This workout includes barbell work, great to do in your CrossFit box. Comes with a video.

WOD HSPU Jerk and Snatch

Great CrossFit WOD with EMOM included

Kettlebell workout for CrossFit. Comes with video. Advanced workout.

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