The Caveman Unconventional Gym of the Month has been created to shed some light on those hardworking unconventional gyms that could do with some publicity. I’m talking about those small to medium sized gyms that can be located in a garage, on a rooftop, in a shed, in an old building or even in a shiny new building for that matter.

We’re looking for gyms that know what hard but smart work is, gyms that don’t take any pussy_footing_coffee_drinking_donut_eating_gossipping approach. And I’m talking about all of those at once, because a bit of coffee and chit chat is ok, before or after the session!

Do you know one? Nominate yours below.

Caveman Unconventional Gym of the Month

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Caveman Unconventional Gym BadgeIf accepted, you or the gym will need to be able to submit:

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  • Address, contact and training details