Shoulders—Don’t Wait till You Have a Problem

As a physiotherapist I get to see a ton of patients that come in with shoulder problems. The number one profile I see with this; a late 30s, early...

Kettlebell Lunge Windmill for Thoracic Mobility and more

The kettlebell lunge windmill is one of my favourite exercise to use at the end of a hard workout. Major benefits Thoracic mobility Thoracic rotation Shoulder stability Shoulder strength Core...
Kettlebell Strength + Mobility Workout

Strength and Mobility with Kettlebells

Strength and Mobility with kettlebells, one tool, several goals met. The following workout I put together to meet several goals in one, have a go at it and post...
squeeze your glutes meaning

The REAL Reason You Should Squeeze Your Glutes

This article will be interesting for trainers and people that squat, especially if you experience lower-back pain or want to lift more weight with your weighted squat. Apart from...
Bad Shoulders

If You Have Shit Shoulders, Fix Them

Bit of a boring rant but necessary! Think about thin, lean, jacked, sexy you later on! Do you want to be riddled with injuries or be able to push the...
Knees if you please

Knees If You Please

If you have awesome feet and awesome hips, chances are, your knees will be relatively happy. You can dive further in to strengthening them for sports, running, changing direction...
Anna Junghans

The Best Warm-up For CrossFit

I've been so disillusioned with the majority of warm-ups in CrossFit, 75% of the boxes I've been visiting over the last few years in Europe have simply no idea...

Bar Stick Mobility Flow

There are so many aspects and modalities of training movement that it's an ongoing of games, play and exploration of freedom in that concept. A lot of the rules...
Overhead lockout with thoracic extension

Overhead Lockout for Kettlebells and CrossFit Barbell

If you've got good shoulder mobility, then your overhead position is good... Wrong! There is more to a good overhead position than just the range in the shoulders.   The fact of the...

Best Mobility Exercise

If you only ever had one exercise to work on your mobility, it would be this exercise and it's variations! It's my personal opinion that the overhead get-up and...

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