Kettlebell workout - More, Not Lessvideo

Kettlebell Workout “More, Not Less” For CrossFit, MMA and BJJ

Kettlebell workout for CrossFit, BJJ and MMA, this workout is the bomb, it ticks all the boxes: explosive, strength, cardio, tough, simple but effective, two kettlebells and working through...

How to Deadlift Properly in Five Steps

When people talk about the “big three” gym lifts, they’re talking about the bench press, the barbell squat, and, the barbell deadlift. In terms of sheer power and brute...

BJJ WOD for Crossfitters

I have quite a few routines I use for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Strength & Conditioning and this is one of them, it's for strength, cardio, explosiveness and rotation...

The Things They Don’t Tell You About Lunges

Lunging is considered something so simple, there is no book to be written or read about it, keep your knees above your ankles and that's it! Wrong, this is...

The CrossFit Kettlebell Snatch by James Hobart

They say ... "if you point out it's wrong, then explain what's wrong with it" how right they are, it just takes so much time to do, especially when they (CrossFit)...

WOD: HSPU Jerk and Snatch

If you're looking for a "laying on the floor dying in a puddle of sweat and feeling great" type of WOD, this is it! Warm-up EMOM 1 to 2...

One Four Six WOD—amazingfreakin workout

Sometimes you got one of these amazing combinations that you just don't care what the objective is, who cares what muscles it works! But that aside, this one works...
Correcting the chin up

How to Spot and Correct a Common Chin-Up Deficiency

There is a common deficiency I see with some of my athletes during the chin-up. Even though I know they're strong, I know that they have the upper arm strength, but...
10+ kettlebell clean variationsvideo

10+ Kettlebell Clean Variations

Here is a video with over 10 kettlebell clean variations, this is great to include in your workouts or just to use for transitioning to things like the press,...
Trescientos Caveman CompX

Why the Burpee Deadlift Is the Best Deadlift to Do—and Trescientos Workout

Fact: Did you know the real burpee is just a plank to standing, no push-up, no jump, no nothing added? Yup, it's true, go and do your research. The CrossFit Burpee is with tricep push-up and jump. The most common burpee is a jump burpee.

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