Exercise: no longer just to look good

Exercise: No Longer Just to Look Good

Lets be honest, getting up to retrieve the TV remote and sitting back in your lazy chair doesn't exactly require a lot of physical abilities, neither does pressing the garage remote to open the door, taking the elevator to get to your flat, or dialling for a pizza which is delivered to your door.

Best Food For Athletes To Fight Inflammation and Prevent Injury

Being a top athlete requires your body to sustain a high level of physical stress. Exposing your body to constant weight lifting, bench presses, push ups, sit ups, long...
Are you suffering?

Are You Suffering?

People in today's society lack a point of reference for suffering. They describe being so tired that they just can't get out of bed, are too sore to workout, or are to quick giving up when a task gets difficult. What people think is an exhausting ordeal is actually quite within their realms of capability.
Caveman Athlete Kelly Manzone

Caveman Athlete: Kelly Manzone

At the age of 37, I’ve come to let those things roll off my back as I continue to peruse what makes me happy. Typically someone spewing energy like that is unhappy and uncomfortable with themselves. Since recently joining kettlebell sport, I find the community a haven from the negative energy.
Measure your success

Measuring Your Success

Author: Glenn Shelford Measuring is something we do reactively in everyday life, whether it’s your friend who’s got the new promotion at work, or the person who you secretly check...
Shoes or barefoot?

The Best Shoes in the World

I've worn quite a bit of different shoes in my life, mainly because they all felt uncomfortable and I kept on trying. The worst ones for me were Nike, they looked the best, and were the 'in thing' to have when being young, the best ones I found were Asics Gel Kayano, till this day still my favourite shoe when I need to wear shoes.
Pursue life

Pursue Life, Not a Career!

I've never pursued a career, always pursued life and always will. I'm not rich with money, but I'm rich with happiness and inner peace–I know that might sound like...
Why does a woman want to look like a man?!

Why does a woman want to look like a man?!

By the way, if you’re a female and you’re spouting this kind of judgement, do you realise you’re basically suggesting that women should just keep to slaving in the kitchen, cooking the meals and doing the laundry!?

More people than you think have the perfect body

A perfect body is in the eye of the beholder; what’s perfect for one is not perfect for another. No one can, and no one ever should try to please everyone—just be your best self and you’re perfect, perfect for you and those who care about you.
Free weight loss pills

Weight loss is so out of date, it’s so 2nd millennium!

Extreme dieting is not the way to go. If you are not working on creating a sustainable diet for yourself, you will almost certainly experience the Yo-Yo Effect—you may get results quickly, but you’ll lose them just as quickly, and more than likely end up in a worse situation than before, with even more bodyfat and less muscle.

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