Caveman athlete March Henk Bakker

Henkules: Henk Bakker

The Caveman Athlete Of The Month March is none other than Henk Bakker, AKA The Incredible Henkules. Name: Henk Bakker AKA: Henkules Age: 48 Speciality: Unconventional Training Weight: 122 kg Nationality: Dutch Personal best: 215 kilo bench-press, 270 kilo deadlift,...
Rik Brown AKA Mr Maceman

Rik Brown AKA Mr Maceman

I started because I was a failure as a bodybuilder despite devoting years to it. I was unsatisfied with it being so subjective, with success being reserved for the genetically gifted. I learned that strength and conditioning, especially unconventional training could make anyone who is willing to work far better than they were before, despite their bone structure, skin tone, etc.
Caveman Athlete Kelly Manzone

Caveman Athlete: Kelly Manzone

At the age of 37, I’ve come to let those things roll off my back as I continue to peruse what makes me happy. Typically someone spewing energy like that is unhappy and uncomfortable with themselves. Since recently joining kettlebell sport, I find the community a haven from the negative energy.

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