Kettlebell Swing Head Position

You’re Doing It Wrong Because Pavel Said So.

I just love it when the hardline followers of some particular style of exercise come out of nowhere to tell the rest of the world they’re doing it wrong, and their way is the ONLY way. I got this lovely comment on my youtube channel from Phil Sheppard (who’s obviously a kettlebell expert)...
Caveman 500 clean and press challenge

The Caveman 500 Clean & Strict Press Challenge

Five hundred alternating swing clean and strict presses FOR TIME. Try and complete as many without putting the kettlebell down but with good form and technique.

The American Kettlebell Swing: Why You Should Never Do It

I think it's a lot of bull to justify the American Swing with it being more natural to complete the movement, if that is the case, then why do deadlifts at all, why not complete it with a clean or snatch? Hold your horses, just because I don't agree with the above, does not mean I don't like the American Swing, I'm just saying the above is bull to justify it.
24 unconventional kettlebell exercises

24 Unconventional Kettlebell Exercises You Didn’t Know

24 unconventional kettlebell exercises you didn't know —until now!   Twenty four super unconventional kettlebell exercises you probably didn't know of, and more than likely should be introducing to your training...

13 Best Functional Exercises of All Time

Sure, there are more than 13 great exercises, and they'll depend on what your exact goals are, but we're covering one group of exercises that works every part of...
Slave to your weakness

Are You a Slave to Your Weakness?

“You have been a slave to your weakness for a long time. Swing your axe and cut the chains. Only then will you be free.”   Playing football was my childhood...

BJJ Kettlebell Workout—Or Anyone That Needs Explosiveness

There are a lot of things to think about when you want to perform at your best for BJJ or MMA, Explosiveness and Cardio are two of them, in...

BJJ Strength And Conditioning: Hips, Ankles, Knees, Shoulders + Core

The following flexibility and strength routine/flow is great to work on the hips, core, legs, ankles, knees and shoulders, I've been using it since 2010 for my BJJ Strength...

The One Thing People Don’t Strengthen nor Care About—and How You Should

There is this one thing the majority of people don't pay attention to, don't train and/or completely neglect, but it's such an important thing, it's the base for everything......
Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function

Without patting myself on the back too hard, I would say I'm in pretty good shape. I wouldn't consider myself a model of human perfection by any means (by...
When to Take Your Training up a Notch?

When to Take Your Training up a Notch?

Weight training is more than just objective, one-size-fits-all numbers on a scale or figures on weights. We all have different goals, and different subjective reasons, for what we do....
The Bent Press

The Bent Press

The Bent Press is an exercise everyone should be incorporating in their training, it's awesome for so many things. Thoracic mobility Flexibility Core strength Shoulder mobility Shoulder strength Improved...

BJJ WOD for Crossfitters

I have quite a few routines I use for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Strength & Conditioning and this is one of them, it's for strength, cardio, explosiveness and rotation...
Stock Photo Kettlebell

Kettlebell Movement Flow

Kettlebell Movement Flow is our new baby and is all about moving, letting the kettlebell flow where it wants to go, follow the kettlebell. It's about bringing the kettlebell...
Russell Burpee Man Godwin

Why Does This Man Do 100 Burpees Each Day of the Year?

Meet our Caveman Athlete of the month August, Russell Burpee Man Godwin, the personal trainer located on the Costa del Sol that does 100 burpees—different variations—each day of the...

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